Free Printable 1441AH Islamic Calendar

Free Printable 1441AH Islamic Calendar, New Concept Design

Ismaila Ikani Sule
September 24, 2019

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ZaafirahWMD 1441AH lunar calendar screenshots

Free printable (“color-coded”) 1441 hijri wall calendar you can download, print at home or at a printing shop. Easily follow the lunar dates matching moon-sighting announcements in your area whilst you beautify your home at the same time. The calendar comes in A2 and A3 paper sizes (with a minimalist version for the A3 one in addition). Share with family, friends, schools, mosques, and others. You are permitted to sell printed (unmodified and unaltered) copies as well.


A2 Wall Calendar Size >> | From Scribd >>

A3 (Portrait) Wall Calendar Size >> | From Scribd >>

A3 (Minimalist – Landscape) Wall Calendar Size >> | From Scribd >>

Watch a visual demonstration on how to use the calendar: